Friday, May 8, 2015

The End of an Era...

Ok so maybe not an era, but Weekly Inspiration will be taking a break!

We are going on a very extensive inspiration finding expedition in the next few months.  Please excuse our lack of posts of all kinds.

We will be posting to Instagram while we're on our creative adventure!  Follow us: @niniandthesea

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We want to thank those of you who have posted to our linky party! We greatly appreciate it!!!

We hope you'll share what's been inspiring you this week!

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekly Inspiration Linky Party!!

Hello and happy Friday!! Where does the time go? I swear I just wrote a weekly inspiration a few days ago, but in real time, it's been two weeks!! I can't believe how time flies when you're having fun!

My inspiration this week comes from a little girl with a great big heart for fashion, art and animals! My 7 year old niece Kenadie attends second grade at an awesome elementary school with the MOST awesome art teacher, Ms. Lindsay. Ms. Lindsay curated a beautiful art show of students work made throughout the year. The art was displayed beautifully, they had white backgrounds and every piece of art was mounted and grouped by art lesson. It was fun to compare every artists interpretation of the subject. 

I was lucky enough to be invited and I'm so glad I went because I had a revelation as I roamed the halls and enjoyed all the artwork. I realized that people who love art will love and embrace the inconsistencies and deficiencies of your ability and hands just because you made something, not because it is the most skillfully executed masterpiece but because it came from your heart and hands, that you chose to take a piece of your heart out of your body and shared it with them. That is a big lesson for me, because people who know me well, know how critical I am of all my work, so yes people, I  get's all good, just because you tried!! Geez, I can be so hard headed sometimes!

Kenadie had two masterpieces in the art show. I am happy to share her art and inspiration with you!

Kenadie's family in cardinal form, the girls are the lighter colored cardinals, not only gorgeous but correctly portrayed as in nature!

The artist Kenadie.

Her interpretation of vegetables...very Matisse like.

Thank you Ken Ken, for all the inspiration, and also thanx to Ms. Lindsay, for sharing your love of art with the world!

What's been inspiring you? Tell me all about it!


Nini & The Sea

Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! 

Hope you had a great week! 

Here's what has been inspiring me:

Art Ala Carte:

Valerie has some awesome drawing tutorials that have inspired me to draw a little bit!  This is very unusual for me but I've been loving it so far.  I hope to improve my skills with some practice!  You can find Art Ala Carte on YouTube and Facebook.

I've also been doing some quilting and hope to have something to show you soon!

What's been inspiring you this week? Share it with us below!

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordy Wednesday 4/22

Happy Wednesday!

Sometimes change is worth the pain!

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Project Life Addiction

I still have that Project Life addiction and I don't see it ending anytime soon!

I did this Easter layout with some new supplies that I got at Michaels and at Rock, Paper, Scissors over the last couple of weeks!

I'm loving this process because it's not only a fun crafty thing to do but it's also a great way to preserve these memories!

What crafty addiction do you have??

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekly Inspiration Linky Party April 17, 2015

Happy Inspiration Linky Party Friday!!

Guess what's been inspiring me lately? My very own self!! Yeah, I know, how'd that happen? I have been so busy with ideas lately that I haven't had to look to the Universe for any inspiration at all(although I've been asking the Universe for inspiration a lot, so I guess it's the Universe after all!). I have been learning, learning, learning and apparently that is just what I needed to get my wheels turning. I had some fails,  and I would do some stuff different, but the best part is I learned from everything I tried, so really it's all a win! I've had a pretty awesome couple of weeks!

I took a workshop offered by my quilt guild, Camaco Quilter's Guild from Teresa Fusco who is a walking talking bunch of inspiration, I learned a technique for raw edge appliqué without using fusible stabilizer. She is a talented lady and great teacher, if you get the chance to learn from her jump on it!

This is still a work in progress, I have quilting to do in the background.

I went to a local florist with my photography club, The Photography Club of Cape May to take photos of flowers. Most of my photos were blurry, but I know why, I should've used a tripod and was too lazy to bother. That's a big lesson to learn, what a bunch of blurry, there's only one or two pics that were half way okay, no award winners here, but that's okay!!

My photography needs work, but I learn something every time I try, so I will keep on shooting!!

 I signed up for watercolor classes at my county library,  I am out of my element and it's a big ol' learning curve, but the teacher is good at step by step direction and I can handle that! This is my first try at a daffodil, it too needs work, but that's my specialty, trying again!!!

I drew the daffodil myself, not bad for a first try at watercolor!

So what's been inspiring you? I want to hear all about it!

Nini & The Sea

Go make something! Nini~

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wordy Wednesday 4/15

It's Wednesday and that means words!!!

Sometimes errors turn out to be my best work!

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!