Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekly Inspiration Linky Party April 17, 2015

Happy Inspiration Linky Party Friday!!

Guess what's been inspiring me lately? My very own self!! Yeah, I know, how'd that happen? I have been so busy with ideas lately that I haven't had to look to the Universe for any inspiration at all(although I've been asking the Universe for inspiration a lot, so I guess it's the Universe after all!). I have been learning, learning, learning and apparently that is just what I needed to get my wheels turning. I had some fails,  and I would do some stuff different, but the best part is I learned from everything I tried, so really it's all a win! I've had a pretty awesome couple of weeks!

I took a workshop offered by my quilt guild, Camaco Quilter's Guild from Teresa Fusco who is a walking talking bunch of inspiration, I learned a technique for raw edge appliqué without using fusible stabilizer. She is a talented lady and great teacher, if you get the chance to learn from her jump on it!

This is still a work in progress, I have quilting to do in the background.

I went to a local florist with my photography club, The Photography Club of Cape May to take photos of flowers. Most of my photos were blurry, but I know why, I should've used a tripod and was too lazy to bother. That's a big lesson to learn, what a bunch of blurry, there's only one or two pics that were half way okay, no award winners here, but that's okay!!

My photography needs work, but I learn something every time I try, so I will keep on shooting!!

 I signed up for watercolor classes at my county library,  I am out of my element and it's a big ol' learning curve, but the teacher is good at step by step direction and I can handle that! This is my first try at a daffodil, it too needs work, but that's my specialty, trying again!!!

I drew the daffodil myself, not bad for a first try at watercolor!

So what's been inspiring you? I want to hear all about it!

Nini & The Sea

Go make something! Nini~


  1. Haven't you been busy, go you!!! The truth is I'm just not inspired at the moment, I've lost my mojo. I know I'll get up one morning and it'll be back so I'm taking it easy until then. Have a great weekend - Chris :D

    1. I've had my fair share of those days, and I always turn myself around! Patience is the hardest thing to learn in my opinion! Glad to see your back in the states!!

      I'm planning on a creative weekend, how could it be bad?!


  2. It is wonderful that you are trying, learning and most of all excepting. I think the Universe delivers more when we except & discover more! Your quilt is a beautiful Spring Bouquet and who knew you were a painter. You never seize to amaze!

  3. Denise your raw edge applique is beautiful. I like your photograph and the painted daffodil too. I didn't see any other links added until I clicked to add mine. Then it took me to another page where I saw a few more after I added my link. But back on your posting none of the link-ups are showing here.

  4. okay thanx daryl!! I will look into that!! Thank you for the heads up and stopping by to see what we're up to!!


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