About Us

I am Nini and I am a mermaid.  So it is expected that when my daughter Chelsey was born she would be raised as a mermaid.  My little mermaid has become the “Sea” in our title.  We have a special bond…be it the sea, art, the fact that we were on our own when she was born or that we just “get” each other.  She was sent to me to help me find my way which turned out to be a “real” job and working outside our home for a long time.  This sacrifice led to the opportunity to retire at the age of 49, which I took! After raising me and me, her, Chelsey went off to pharmacy school and made her family really proud. She swam off to the big city and found her dream job as an oncology pharmacist. Lucky mermaid!

And like you, I was thinking, “Hey what about Mom”?!? Well, I was left here in our little pond, wondering what to do when not busy raising her little brother and taking care of our family.  Surprisingly (or not), my own mother is an amazing artist and seamstress and I finally realized how cool that is.  This led me to find a wonderful art family in our community that has embraced all of us; a group of artists that has nurtured our artistic hearts, cultivated our potential and believed in us before we believed in ourselves.

As a result, Chelsey and I have been on an art journey for the last 10 years.  We have gone to art retreats, workshops, and museums where we have learned many different techniques and worked in many different media.  Between the metal, fabric, glass, silver, paper, found objects, and our fun, crazy family, we look forward to sharing many adventures with you.  We have a great little life here under the sea, so grab your swimmies and come along!

~  Nini


  1. Hi Ms. Mermaid, Love the new page. It is really sharp! You never cease to amaze me. And now you will be amazing others on this beautiful blog. I am looking forward to see what comes from you artistic waters.

    1. Haha, I just found this comment!! As you can see, we aren't quite to the blogging stage yet...we're getting close...oh so close!!!


  2. Hey, Nini, why don't you let us see your lovely face, and use this picture in your blog header instead of the current one?

  3. Well Afton, I don't know! I 'm trying to be mysterious, that's it! Thank you for the suggestion and compliment! I will think about it!