Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red, White and Blue I Love You!

I made this red, white and blue flag out of scraps to hang outside for the summer. Summer holidays are all about patriotism and I just love a good flag waving tradition!
 I wanted it to be rustic and tattered so I tore all the red and white strips from my scrap bag. A scrap using project is always good for me, I love the fact it was gonna be trash and I rescued it!
I am also a collector of yardsticks and rulers, so I made a sleeve to hang it just big enough for a piece of a yard stick.   You could use a dowel or even twine fed through the sleeve.  I had assistance from Mr. Nini for attaching it semi permanently to our porch railing.

 I attached the fabric strips by putting a wide hem in the blue fabric's opposite end and cut slits in it, fed them from the back, tied a big knot in the top on the front side to give it that rustic look I like so much!!
It's perfect to leave out all summer long and it can be thrown out when it's faded and worn. It took no more than an hour to make and cost nothing!

Happy Summer and Happy Independence Day!! Go make something!



  1. What a Great Flag!! Leave it to you.......oh creative one! Happy July 4th to you and the family.

    1. Thank you! So glad Hurricane Arthur was easy on us! Time to resume the July 4th celebrations!!