Friday, January 2, 2015

Weekly Inspiration Linky Party!

Helloooo and welcome to 2015!!!

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy new year and now onto the inspiration!

How cute is this?!?!  This would be a great thing for a quilter on the go!  Perfect for sewing retreats and even at home.  I love this and think it's adorable.  You can find the pattern at SewEasyQuilter's Pattern Store on Craftsy.   The pattern is $5 but I think well worth the money!

This is just a freakin' brilliant idea (Nini hates when you use the word "freakin'" but some situations demand it)!  This is a great thing for all those pesky scraps I never know what to do with.  The idea comes from My Poppet and she has a great picture and video tutorial on how to make it.  I think it would look super cute in a bunting or as decoration in the craft room/area!  Love this!

I just love Amy Poehler.  I think she is not only a comedic genius but also one smart chick.  As would be expected this book is hilarious but surprisingly had me teary at one point.  I'm not quite finished but what I have read has been not only funny but poignant and reminded me to look around every once and a while and just be in awe of the moment (kinda deep for this goofball, am I right?).  I would highly recommend it!

Let us know what's been inspiring you lately by leaving your link below!

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Wishing you big waves and an artful day,

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  1. That looks like a super hand tool holder! I may have to check that pattern out, I really need to get better organized this year :)
    Also, thanks for the book recommendation, I love Amy Poehler.