Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekly Inspiration 1/30

Happy Friday!  Hope this week has treated you well!

Let's get into the Weekly Inspiration!

1.  Yo-Yo Owl
I can't decide if these are awesome or terrifying!  Can they be terrisome?  Is it the eyes that are a little scary?  I love the inspiration here though.  I just keep thinking about what other animals could be made!  The pattern is available here.  I am going to be thinking about these for awhile, maybe trying to make them cuter/less terrifying?
Picture from Annie's Craft Store

2.  Stella Weekender
I LOVE THIS BAG!  I definitely want to take my time and make a nice weekender for myself and I'm really loving this pattern.  You can find it at Swoon Sewing Patterns.  Let the fabric choosing begin!  Let's see how long this takes for me to actually produce a bag!
Picture from Swoon Sewing Patterns

3.  Miniature Beach Necklace
This necklace is freakin' adorable.  I want one but I also want to make myself one.  I'm definitely inspired to explore my jewelry making supplies!  You can buy one for yourself at KitschyKooDesign on Etsy.
Picture from Kitschy Koo Design

What's been inspiring you lately? Link up below!

Nini & The Sea

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!


  1. I'm with you on the bag and the necklace but the owls?!!! Have a great weekend - Chris :D

    1. oh the OWLS! they are pretty frightening! I mean where would you put them once you made them? in the attic? in the garbage? not sure they are worth it! thanks for linking up!

  2. I don't know! I kinda like the Owls! Been having my eye on the bag for awhile but not sure if I will ever fit something like that into the schedule--Maybe a Sew What project? The necklace is absolutely GREAT!!!

    1. I think it's the eyes that make the owls kinda weird for me! We should definitely make it a Sew What project! Maybe when Nini is done her bag of the month she'll be an expert and can help us! can't wait to see you soon!