Monday, July 21, 2014

Guild Challenges for Fun and Nurturing Creativity!

I belong to Camaco Quilt Guild and they held a challenge last spring: to make something that is 90% rectangles and it had to be quilted. Easy enough you would think.  I've always wanted to make a friendship braid quilt so I looked around and saw some good tutorials and ideas I liked.  I cut some fabric using the binding tool as my guide and started sewing it together, nice long rectangles! Then I looked up the definition of a rectangle and they have four 90 degree angles!!!!! As I sewed the braid together I realized there are corners that AREN'T 90 degrees!! Uh oooooh!

This is the binding tool I used for cutting the "rectangles".  As you can see, there aren't four 90 degree angles.
NOT 90 degrees!

90 degree angles!!!
I also belong to Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild who participated in the Michael Miller Challenge at  the same time, they gave us fat eights of Michael Miller fabrics to use, you could add any solid or Michael Miller fabric to make something, it had to be quilted were the only rules for MQG challenge.

Michael Miller Challenge Fabrics 
I thought I could make one project for both challenges until I realized the 90 degree angle problem. I had plenty of fabric for the Michael Miller Challenge, so I decided to use the friendship braid for that and I used the rest to zip up a zipper quilt for Camaco's challenge. Whew!! So glad that worked out!! I love the brightness and the color scheme for both.
Table runners for my porch, nice bright summer colors!

A little straight line quilting.
I hope this inspires you to go make something!



  1. What a good idea to use the Micheal Miller fabric for both guild challenges. The solids that you added were perfect to make it so bright and cheery. Plus I love the quilting on both! Bet they look great on you porch!

    1. Thanx, yes, it looks good on the porch! I like bright colors in summer!!