Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Inspiration

This week was a rough one in my "real life" job.  A new computer system and a new way of doing things creates a lot of stress and chaos!

Luckily I still managed to find some inspiration throughout the week!

My girl gets real about Vulnerability and Shame and it was like a wake up call for me!  I've got some work to do in my life and this lady's amazing TED talks helped me see that and inspired me to work on those things.

2.  Amazing Sunrises

This is my view of the UWS of Manhattan as I'm waiting for the bus in the morning.  This was a particularly beautiful and serene moment before the messiness of the day.

This was my jam this week, though I have had a long standing love affair with this and all Sara B music.  Check this song out on her EP "Once Upon A Time".  Click above to hear the album.

I did manage to get a teeny tiny little bit of creating done in a journal this week with the help of these inspirations!

Micron Pen
Chalk Pastels handed down from my Mom!

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!


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  2. As they say "Things arrive when you need them". And Brene ALWAYS arrives on time!! By the way--noticed your button--Great Job (may need nini's help). Adding it to my page now!!! I love following you two!!!

    1. Thanks Helen! I have only found Brene recently but i do enjoy her! she's a smart lady! (the button is super easy - you'll figure it out!)