Friday, April 18, 2014

Things Are Getting A Little Shady Around Here!

According to the calendar, Spring is finally here!  But apparently Mother Nature didn't get the message and it snowed on March 25th!!  I really thought we'd be at the beach and in the sun in no time at all.  That Mother Nature is quite the jokester... but I think she was the only one laughing around here!!

I was feeling the spring renewal & rebirth fever so I gathered up everything Winter, and put it in the attic.  While I was up there I "shopped" my stash of tchotchkes and pulled down some nests, birds, eggs and colorful things that would cheer up our living space and our mood.

While "shopping" the attic I found a small lamp shade frame and pulled the dirty old fabric off.  It had a good sturdy frame and was the perfect size for a project I had in mind. I gathered lots of cheery bright ribbons I have collected and hoarded for years and made this fun lil lamp shade! I love it.  It makes me smile every time I see it!

I hope it makes you smile too!

Go make something!


  1. What Fun! It is so bright and cheery with or without the light one. Think I might to check out what's up in that attic of mine.

    1. It was fun to make and went pretty first I thought, oh man this is gonna take forever...but once you get in a groove, it comes together pretty quickly!!