Monday, April 7, 2014

Orchid Obsession

A friend of mine gifted me an orchid as a house warming present in January.  I was terrified that this poor orchid's life was going to be terribly short, but after she assured me that the best way to care for an orchid was to ignore it I knew that I would be a fantastic orchid grower!  Turns out the orchid loves its new home and I have become obsessed with these plants!

So this weekend I went to the New York Botanical Garden's Annual Orchid Show.  This year it featured orchids of Key West and boy were they beautiful!

I never knew there were so many kinds and colors of orchids, each one more awesome than the previous.

There were some with little cups and mustaches:

There were many mixed in with water features:

And then there were amazing plants that weren't orchids:

It was a very interesting and inspiring exhibit and I even ended up with a new pot for my orchid:

But it can't be repotted until the plant stops flowering (I discussed it with an Orchid Expert!).  Did I mention it was educational too??

Hope your weekend was inspiring!

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!


  1. Wow....they are beautiful. I have been intimidated by orchids myself...I think I could grow them if ignoring is the first ingredient!!! Yours is beautiful...great work!!

    1. Thanks! It has been pretty easy, we'll see what happens when they need to be repotted and change their soil but so far so good!