Friday, March 29, 2013

Everyone else is doing it!

Happy Spring!

Yes, I know everyone else is naturally dyeing their eggs, and I thought I'd give it a try! To my surprise it was relatively easy and fun! I only did 6 eggs, we don't have any little ones at home to help with the dyeing and eating of the eggs, so I just did enough to satisfy my curiosity...could I do it?

So if you don't know what this process is, I will fill you in take the peels from vegetable that are vibrantly colored, cut them up or peel them and put them in a pot of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar and boil them for 15 mins, let them sit off the heat for 15 mins and wah've got some pretty cool colored eggs. 

Purple Cabbage dyed the eggs blue!
Yellow Onions made the pale orangey color!
                           Okay, I forgot one really important detail...If you want to add some interest to your egg, you have to wrap raw eggs in stockings and strategically place leaves in between the egg and the stocking. I tied knots in both ends of the stockings I bought at Walmart for 98 cents. Cutting the stocking in 3-4 inch pieces horizontally making tubes, I tied one end, wet the egg and leaves I chose to use in water, place a leaf/sprig in the the stocking, egg, and any other leaves I wanted to imprint and then tied the other end closed with a knot. I had to arrange the leaves how I wanted them to mask the dye on the egg by picking up the stocking and finagling things around a bit, but the water helps the leaves adhere to the eggs nicely. That was the hardest part...I actually broke one of the eggs from pushing too hard while I was repositioning my leaves! So be gentle!

One little unit,  raw egg wrapped in the stocking with an ivy leaf peaking out!

Onion skins, vinegar and the egg/leaf/stocking unit!

 The little units just out of their bath. They don't look very successful there, but then the stocking came off they looked blue as you see below! 

This mask was a fern from my garden, left over from last year! I snipped the whole frond and used a leaf at a time.

This is a weed out of the yard.

This is the rosemary mask.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


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