Monday, December 10, 2012

Foster Care to Success

I'm packing up my red scarf and heading to the post office today to send my hand knitted scarf to the Red Scarf Emergency Fund, who continue to support and nurture foster care children as they head off to college and are no longer receiving benefits from the foster care program. This charity holds a special place in Chelsey's and my heart, having seen first hand how important the foster care system is for keeping children safe when they need it the most.

“Your hands are a window into your heart and soul. There is a piece of yourself in every project you make; there is love in every stitch, and a handmade scarf is like a hug. Foster Care to Success’ Red Scarf Project gives us each an opportunity to show that someone out there, even a stranger, truly cares about our foster youth.” -Master Knitter, Lily Chin, Red Scarf Project spokesperson

My contribution

Chelsey's Contribution

Here's to helping whenever you can,


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