Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paper Heart Tree

Paper Crafts are Always Fun!!

This paper heart punched tree was really simple to make! It's definitely kid friendly! The hardest part is punching out all the hearts! I have a fetish for paper crafts so I had all the supplies at hand, no need to shop and a way to use some of my stash up is always a + !

I used card stock which is easiest to punch with paper punches. 

I punched out a bunch of hearts, and then a bunch more!!!

Start with a cone made out of paper, I placed it on an empty salt shaker I had hanging around. Starting at the bottom hot glue(I would use regular glue if making with kids) the hearts upside down on the cone spinning the cone as you go up. I thought geez, this is gonna take f-o-r-e-v-e-r but luckily the cone gets smaller in circumference as you go, so before you know it, U R DONE!!

And then you have a cute lil pop of color for your hutch!

I got my idea and directions here! Thank you Pinterest and Christina at igottacreate blog!!

Go make something full of love!


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  1. Just love how diverse your talents are!! This is so darn cute!!!