Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day "Mantel"

Welcome to Day 4 of Valentine Lovelies!

I do not have a mantel in the traditional sense. But what I do have is a curtain rod. The blank wall behind my couch has been empty for too long and now that the curtain rod is up I feel like the opportunities are endless!
I've made this completely over the top valentine landscape which I think is both hysterical and kind of fabulous.  I used a burlap wreath and wove in a neon pink feather boa to give it some pop.  I also painted the canvases bright pink with white letters and splatters.  I then hot glued them to pieces of ribbon and hung them from the curtain rod.  I bought the glitter hearts at Michael's and think they add the perfect touch to this ensemble!  The final touch was the last feather boa wrapped around the top.

This is so not my style, but this is just what came out while I was decorating.  Sometimes I'm completely surprised by things and this is definitely one if those times!

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!

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  1. I absolutely Love your mantel! This is really so darn creative.