Friday, October 31, 2014

What Big Eyes You Have Grandma....Happy Halloween!

I blogged about belonging to the Photography Club of Cape May here. I am not the most talented photographer and I don't need to be, but I sure do have some talented photographer friends and family. My cousin Amanda called me a while ago and asked if I could make her a red riding hood cape for a photo shoot. I never made one before, but I gave it a try. I went to buy some beautiful luscious red wool and looked up lots of ideas on pinterest and youtube on making hooded capes. I pulled all the best tips from what I found and made the most beautiful cape! Although it doesn't look like much here, it really is a gorgeous color and has the most cozy drape to it.

I sent my creation off with Amanda of Amanda Onorato Photography. Well it's been about a year for the shoot to take place,  it sure was worth the wait! Yesterday I got photos from Amanda and my friend Susan from Susan Hoff Photography What a beautiful location, model and cape!!!

Susan Hoff Photography
As you can see, I surround myself with the most talented photographers around! I loved trying something new. This project got my imagination flowing and really boosted my confidence in sewing. I just made a black drape for Senior pictures for these lovely ladies and I look forward to many more fun costume and prop making gigs with my talented friends! If you need a costume made for a photography shoot, I would love the opportunity to sew for you too!

This beautiful model is Amaanda's daughter Alexa.

Happy Halloween! Have you made any fun costumes for photo shoots or halloween? Tell me all about it!

Go make something!


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  1. Beautiful Cape! Beautiful Model, Beautiful Photography! You have a talent for this Nini--however you have a talent for what ever you touch!!! I love how you are not afraid to try anything.