Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Cute Little Gifty for Someone Nifty!

If you're looking for a gift for someone crafty and creative like I was, you'll be happy to know this cute little tree was really simple to do. I have many sewing and craft supplies, so I didn't need much to get started. The spools are from Michael's Crafts, I didn't want to give away my vintage wooden spools, so I distressed brand new ones with Tim Holtz's Distress Ink, but you could use watered down brown craft paint. I used christmas paper, baker's twine, buttons, glue stix, and Aleene's clear Tacky Glue I had on hand. Don't you think it would look as good with strips of fabric, wash tape or ribbon wrapped around them?

Big thanks to Steph at Silver Boxes blog for sharing her idea, you can see her post here.

Once I gathered my supplies I started with the distressing. I just wiped the spool edges on the ink pad, and then I used a small brush wiped on the ink pad, then on the spool to fill in any places that weren't reached and looked kinda stark.

All distressed out and drying! 

Then I cut paper strips to fit on the spools and hot glued them as I spun the paper around the spool. 

All glued together! I used the tacky glue for this part and let them dry a few hours. 

Hanging out to dry!!

I assembled them with hot glue, added some baker's twine to the trunk spool and star at the top and I was done!! I made all three in a short amount of time, I was doing lots of things in between so it's hard to say exactly how long it took, but it really was a no stress fun project. 

I think the lucky recipients will love them, don't you?!?!

I hope you're inspired to make a few to give away!



  1. I have all the spools, paper and or fibers. Please tell me where to find some time! This is a future project for me! Love it!

    1. When I figure out how to make more time I'll let ya know! It was a nice easy project when you need to relax and switch gears.