Friday, April 3, 2015

Weekly Inspiration Linky Party April 3rd

Happy Friday, wether it's a Good Friday or just plain ol' Friday for you! 

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

We're preparing for our Easter celebration around here! This past week my sister Sherrie and I decided to try silk egg dyeing. It's an easy process, it just takes some time to wrap the raw eggs in silk, a secondary layer of fabric and then secure with a tie of some kind, then you boil them with some vinegar in the water. We had mixed results and realized the the wrapping/creasing of the fabric pulls the fabric from the egg and leaves gaps in color on the shells, even with this learning curve we got some great results and would definitely do it again next year, we even saved our silk to use again next year. You need 100% silk ties, which I collect, so I had plenty of material to use, and they say you can use them more than once, so you don't need a ton of them, I cut up about 8 ties.

We used this tutorial from the blog Our Best Bites for silk dyeing our easter eggs. 

Here are our results, we are thrilled with our first attempt. Pretty good huh?!?! It was fun and a great way to repurpose old ties.

My other inspiration and obsession this week has been Roz Stendahl, she's a journaling artist. She has a great sense of humor, love of nature, especially dogs and birds and is a great sharer of inspiration. I am going to use her enthusiasm as a catalyst to start journaling regularly. I have been wanting to journal for years and always think, I'm no good at drawing and sketching so I'm not gonna do it, BUT I've realized it all takes practice. SOOOOO, like quilting, I'm going to put my effort towards PRACTICE and NOT being perfect. 

This page is from Roz Stendahl's blog. 
She uses color and absence of color so well, I just love her art journaling. She's started a International Fake Journal Month, where you take on a journal for the month of April and pretend to be a fake person keeping a's a way to silence your inner critic, because it's not really your journaling and art work, it's your fake person doing  it...I like this speaks to me!!!

I've also been watching Design Recharge an interview with artists and designer's. Diane Gibb is a designer who is the host and although I don't consider myself a designer, I seem to find lots of inspiration from her guests, there's always something I can learn and use in my own work from creative people. It's where I found Roz!

Show us your inspiration this week!

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  1. I love that you and C share this weekly post. It puts two very different perspectives on Inspiration that you both receive and post here. So needless to say I enjoy seeing your name in my in-box--gets me thinking for the week! Just Love Those Eggs too!

    1. Thanx, I agree, Chelsey and I are on two winding paths that cross and intersect, but make sharp angles occasionally, we always seem to turn back towards each other and travel in the same vicinity. That's what is so fun, seeing what she's doing always sparks something in my journey and then I curve back towards her or go reeling out to angle all my own!