Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm Tired of Waiting, I'm Making My Own Spring!

I bought this pattern "The Nest" by Carrie Bloomston, at Such Designs, over a year ago in hopes of making it for last spring, that didn't happen so I thought I'd try again for this year! I'm almost there! It still needs to be blocked and bound, but as soon as my cold gets a little better I'll get right on it! It WILL be hanging shortly! I made it smaller than the pattern directions because I wanted to fill a specific place on my kitchen wall, it's such a free form pattern it didn't matter, I could manage the resize no problem! 

I quilted pebbles on the eggs.

 I also quilted the background with a few tree branches and leaves of a tree.

This is the upper part of the quilt over the nest. It looks like it's nestled in a big ol' tree!

I used all kinds of scraps and tore them into strips and stitched them all around the inner nest and eggs to make a nest just like a real bird!!

I quilted it on my domestic machine, once I got the tree branches in I wasn't sure how to quilt the rest of the background, but after consulting with my "moral quilt support group" I decided on vertical line quilting. The branches are horizontal so it helps the branches stand out. I like that this project was pretty quick and easy, and I promise I'll show the whole thing when it has binding and a new home!! Sew, it's Spring around here if you ask me!!

Go make something!



  1. Yes when will Spring arrive? If I were a bird I would love to live in your nest! It looks fantastic and love your quilting. Plus your choice of background is fun with the dots.

    1. Thanx! I like the background too! I can't wait to see yours done, it will be fun to see how different it will be using the same pattern!