Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Bag Obsession! Take #2.

Hello, I know we've discussed my bag obsession before so I'll spare you the apologies and excuses. You're all in for a treat today! We're gonna talk about my newest bags, yes bagSSSSS!

I joined a Bag of the Month club on line at Sew Sweetness. It's a great deal, 6 bag patterns from 6 different bag designers, delivered to your in box, 1 a month for 6 months, for a mere $35.00! They are really organized, you get the material list for the next month's bag a month before it comes out so you can start collecting your supplies, but it's a mystery to look forward to while you're making the current month's bag. I try to guess from fabric requirements what kind of bag it might be. I haven't been correct yet, but it's fun to look forward to what's to come. I've made two beautiful bags so far and been very successful. They are great bags that I will definitely make again. 

Without further ado, here's a peak into my bag making obsession. I like to make some element of the bag unique, so I have been experimenting with stamping fabric, carving stamps and using markers to sketch and doodle to make some of the fabric uniquely mine. 

This is my messenger bag, the February pattern. I had a little fun with the messenger aspect of this bag with a little message of my own!! The eye is a two part stamp I carved myself.

This is the January carpet bag pocket. I used a French inspired fabric so I kept that theme going with my doodles and sketching, this is all copic markers and pigma micron markers on canvas primed with clear gesso. I don't know how this will hold up to use, but I won't know if I don't try it out, so here we go, I'll let ya know!!

I made my own handles and snap tab for the carpet bag out of pleather from Joanns. You can find it in the upholstery section and is a faux alligator texture. It was really easy to work with, I used a leather needle that went through two layers of the pleather like butter.

The first two bags! 

Miss January 

she's beautiful outside and in!

I love lots of pockets to store my stuff securely!

Miss February

She's got her eye on you!

This is my stitching detail, I had lots of fun with this bag!!

From the back!

It really is what's on the inside! Lots of pockets. 

I changed a few things up with this pattern, yep that's me getting cocky and independent! I put the zipper pocket on the inside, I didn't want to mess up my eye on the back of the bag! I also made the side panel an inch wider because I wanted to be able to carry a bottle of water and my thick wallet inside. I had a little fun with a label on the inside, I didn't want to waste all the fabric I test printed, so I'm keeping it for fun little details on other bags.

The best part of the Bag of the Month Club is the Facebook and Flckr group where you can post pictures and ask questions if you need a little encouragement or resources for elements of the bag. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. It's like you're in a giant workshop, if you have a question there's someone telling you what your next step is and that you CAN do it! It's been a great experience for me.

So have I inspired you to get making a bag.....or bags?!?!? You can't resist can you?! YOU know who you are!! Go make something!



  1. Two great bags and what's even better is that you've made your own fabric and handles so no-one else will have anything like them, ever. My favourite bit is your stamped fabric - Chris :D

  2. Love them both. Looks like you are having fun creating your fabric designs too. I finally will be getting my sewing machine out of the repair shop tomorrow so that I can catch up and finish the Jan. bag and start on the Feb. bag or I might just wait and see what's for March first.