Thursday, January 8, 2015

Weekly Inspiration Linky Party

Happy New Year! Here's my first weekly inspiration for 2015! I plan on making it a great year! Here's what's inspiring me lately, Nini~

1. Inspirational Quotes

"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing." Marc Chagall


2. Kindle

I got a Kindle HDX7 for my birthday back in October, thank you Chelsey and Rob! I didn't know anything about tablets when I got it, but I figured it out! Well I've been figuring lots of things out! I love it, it's so light to carry and I love Kindle Unlimited! If you're wondering what Kindle Unlimited is check it out here. It basically gives you a borrowing library of thousands of ebooks for $9.99 a month. I have access to all kinds of subjects I never realized were ebooks like quilting, journaling, self help, DIY's, and art! Don't know why I thought it was just for novels, silly me!

This was one of the first books I borrowed...

The Art of Whimsical Lettering,  by Joanne Sharpe. 

3. American Flags

You can find a pattern for a rag quilt at Lizzie and Co Patterns.  I like the colors and construction on this flag quilt!

This is a great version of the american flag that I would love to make!!! This one was offered as a give away on the Free People Blog back in 2013, I'm sorry I missed it! The shop  Free People offers lots of inspiration.

I love this flag obviously inspired by the American flag made by Sara Rahbar, artist.

Please share what's been inspiring you?  Nini~

Nini & The Sea


  1. I love your Inspirational Quote, it is so true. I am still waiting for inspiration to hit me in the head for this new year. I have had a Kindle for about 5 year upgrading to the HD. I have a prime account which also gives me unlimited books and music for free and I can also brough books. I just love my Kindle hand have over 200 books I have read since I got it.

    1. I am still on trial for kindle unlimited because I couldn't decide between that and Amazon Prime. I am still making up my mind it's hard to pick between the two they have many benefits, but different.


  2. The Quote is Great and so true! As for the Kindle--I do not have one but hubby does--I might just need to check this out. Just not sure if my little brain can handle any more tech stuff!! I loved last weeks twisted cord--might just want to attempt that over some coffee soon!

  3. Yes! Let's make some twisted fabric cord!! I'll see about the directions!!

    Kindle is like your don't need to cloud your brain with more tech stuff!!