Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Inspiration Linky Party

Happy Friday!

Let's get into the inspiration!

1.  The River & Brene Brown

This week I got to see The River starring Hugh Jackman in NYC.  The show was amazing but the best part was that after the show the writer, director, cast, and most importantly BRENE BROWN gave a talk. They discussed the plot and how it relates to Brene's work.  I think Brene is a very smart woman and loved hearing her insights into the relationships and characters of the play.  What an experience! You can learn more about Brene's work here.

2.  Fabric Napkins
This weekend I'm teaching someone to sew!  My friend Cheryl wanted to start off with an easy project so we are making fabric napkins for her new apartment.  Below is the pattern she chose. Can't wait to get started!  The pattern is from Patchwork Posse.
Picture from Patchwork Posse
3.  Project Life
I have started a Project Life scrapbook!  There will be a more in depth post on this but you can check out my album and core kit below.  I've only done a few layouts but I'm loving it so far! Can't wait to share some layouts with you!  Learn more about Project Life here.
Picture from Project Life

Picture from Project Life

What's been inspiring you lately?  Link up below!
Wishing you big waves and an artful day!


  1. I saw The River in it's first weeks and was blown away by it. That night Hugh Jackman kept the audience after the show doing an auction and singing happy birthday to a cast member and that was a great added bonus too - would love to have heard Brene speaking though! - Chris :D

    1. We love was great just seeing her in person!