Monday, January 5, 2015

Rag Quilts for Baby

One of my first attractions to quilting was the rag quilt, I like this raggy shaggy ends sticking out making a grid pattern on the front of the quilt. It took me a good 5 years to actually get to making one. I found the bird flannel fabric and thought it would make a cute baby boy quilt. The fact that I had no baby boy to give it to didn't stop me from making it! It went together easy enough I used my design board to help with placement of the squares so they looked randomly placed(does that even make sense?).

I used this book Made From Scratch Biscuit Quilts by Annis Clapp to help me with construction of the quilt, but I didn't use any pattern for it. I wanted to play around with the fabrics I had and figure it out myself.

To get the exposed seam allowances shredded and shaggy they tell you to put it in the washer machine a few times. This is after two washes, I think it needs more roughing up, but when I took it out of the washer it had so many pills and threads stuck to it that it looked like an old worn out quilt so I just put it aside for a long time. After talking to Chelsey about it I decided to try shaving it with a dispisable razor and this is what happened! It really did help it immensely! I'm not sure it's baby shower gift quality, but there's probably a little somebody somewhere that would love to be wrapped in the warmth and love I've sewn up!

I have a  little girl version cut and ready to sew but when I got the bad results from washing I couldn't get started on it. Now that I know about the shaving technique I will get started on this one!

Have you ever made a project that didn't quite turn out the way you planned? What did you do to fix it? Please share you secrets!

Go make something!!



  1. Your rag quilt is great! The few I have made took several washing's to get it were it was shredded enough to look comfy. This quilt is the perfect gift for a little munchkin-who will love snuggling with this beauty. As for those--"Was Not The Plan Quilts"--there are too many for me to mention--but that is when charity gifting is so.... rewarding! You learn and someone receives a gift. WIN_WIN!

    1. Yes! Great plan...I have lots of charity gifts then!!