Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Linky Party

I'm not sure how it happened but suddenly I have many, many quilts in the making!  While this is very exciting, it's also very stressful because some actually have deadlines!  However I am trying to enjoy the process and am glad that I have some opportunity to practice my quilting, both on my domestic machine and on a long arm!

Needless to say, my inspiration this week has been QUILTS!

1.  Circles and Rings Quilt from Ahhh...Quilting
I'm loving the circles and asterisk shapes!  Not to mention that the colors are just awesome!  This quilt is from the blog Ahhh...Quilting.  Be sure to check it out, there are a lot of beautiful quilts and patterns!

Picture from Ahhh...Quilting

2.  Acute Triangle from Art Gallery Fabrics
These triangles are fantastic!  And so is a free pattern!  I'm loving everything about this quilt.  The color scheme is really speaking to me and you may see this as a future quilt of mine!  This quilt comes from the Art Gallery Fabrics Blog and you can get the free pattern here.

Picture from Art Gallery Fabrics

3.  Fire Quilt from And Sew It Goes
This quilt is just beautiful.   I love the artsy component and the whimsy it portrays!  You can almost smell the campfire.  I hope to try out some art quilting in the future!  This is originally from And Sew It Goes, head over there and see all the fun things she's doing!

Picture from And Sew It Goes

Care to share what's been inspiring you this week?  Share your link below!!!

Wishing you big waves and an artful day!


  1. Beautiful featured quilts. That campfire one is great.

    1. I love the campfire one too, much more artsy than I've ever done!

  2. Many Inspirational quilts and quilters out there! Thanks for all the links~it is so inspiring see what creative minds are doing!

    1. I always like seeing other's work, helps keep me motivated! Thanks Helen!

  3. I LOVE you AND all of those quilts! Thank you for sharing your inspiration!


  4. Thanks for the quilty inspiration! I'd love to try that triangle quilt.

    1. I definitely want to try the triangles and I love that color scheme as well!