Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Little Left Handed Mermaid Learns to Knit!

We have a big problem in our family...boys. We have an abundance of them. My generation was all girls.  We didn't know much about boys, but we learned quick when my first nephew was born.  Then came Chelsey and we could do girl with our eyes closed in this family!! Then came boy, after boy, after boy! When all was said and done there were 5 boys and one girl in our next generation! And when that generation started having kids...there was boy after boy after boy!!!

We were hoping for a chance to buy some pink, ruffles, and sparkles eventually! We waited and waited 21 long years for our next bundle of pink.  We were overjoyed 6 years ago when Kenadie was born!

This is her "don't break my concentration face".

Last Saturday she told me she wanted to learn to knit a blanket!!! So we had our first lesson on Sunday. She is an amazing lil girl and she picked it up pretty quick. She knit 3 rows of 10 stitches those lil fingers had some trouble but she figured things out. She's left handed and I'm not! So I taught her right handed knitting. She said she'd do more next week, she liked it!!

Pretty amazing!! Of course we used pink sparkly yarn!

She's going to make a blanket for her doll before we tackle a bigger blanket. I'm so happy to be able to share my craftiness with our next generation and spend time with someone so special!

"Nurturing the good in this world is nothing short of a privilege." 
~Katherine Center

I'm feeling pretty privileged.

Go make something!



  1. How adorable! The more mermaids in the sea the better! Is she available to teach me?

    1. Haha...Helen, you already know how to knit!! You just have a slow start!! I hope she can teach soon...that means she will have kept it up and made many pretty things!!