Sunday, September 15, 2013

Free Style Messenger Bag

I have made a few bags or pouches in my sewing years...not enough to feel confident in making one without a pattern right by my side and following all the measurements and directions step by step....until today. Today I had a vision of a messenger type bag that was kinda boho kinda rustic all at the same time...something not like anyone else's bag that came from my own ideas. I wanted something bright and scrappy,  I went to my stash pulled out a few things, ironed them, and decided they weren't working...put them back and picked something else...ironed that and then the ideas started coming and I couldn't stop them!! I took my time, made it piece by piece...planning although out of order, planning how the strap should look, what accents and embellishments it  needed...I was having so much fun as the ideas came to me...I had to unsew here and there, but nothing major, things just came to me as I sewed.

All done!

The black trim on the front is an old t-shirt I cut in strips and ruffled it...the vintage button is from my button collection and the fabric is linen, the flowers were already stitched on it, I just echoed the stitching with free motion quilting for a decorative effect.

Old t-shirt ruffles and the selvage left for a fun flap.

I never used D rings before...I like the look!
I kept the selvage on the handle for some fun and to tie it in with the flap.

I ditched the scrappy idea when I found the linen fabric and the ideas started flowing. For the stabilizer I used Soft and Stable it was easy to work with and I like how bag keeps it's shape. I am going to make some more fun bags...I sure hope my muse is up for some more fun!!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Don't you just love these falls days when you repurpose, create and come-out with your one-of-a-kind beauty! Great Piece!!!!!