Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fabric Hunting!

Where I live is a bit removed from chain and nationally known retail stores. We have to drive about 30 minutes to reach a mall or a concentrated amount of "retail therapy". Being a quilter I tend to require a lot of fabric, and must accumulate a "stash" so that whenever an emergency natural or otherwise, requiring fabric hits I am fully prepared to handle it. Living so far from a quilt shop can be inconvenient at times, but definitely helps with impulse buys occurring less often. Recently The Quilting Ladies of Thursday had a shopping excursion to Olde City Quilts .

When I got home and started organizing my purchases and decided what would go together to make nice holiday table runners I realized I hadn't bought enough fabric! That's never happened before!  Sew, Saturday was date night for Nini and the Merman and we decided to go to Outback which is nice and close to Joanns Fabrics, so I picked up a few pieces of holiday fabric for table runners. The next day I realized I hadn't picked up enough red fabric and in order to make what I had planned I needed some more lining fabric and batting! Yes, I know, I am a horrible planner...I also learned my Mom, who accompanied me to Old City Quilts 3 days before needed some more fabric too, guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! So I ended up back at Joanns Fabrics 2 days after my latest trip. I must be a better planner. Here's my latest additions to the stash.



  1. What a great way to spend date night--Merman (too funny) and fabric. Sounds like it is time to go again with Mermom. Can I twist your Flipper to go to OCQ someday--I hear it is wonderful? Was the 2nd photo to have more reds in it? If so.... what time are we leaving to shop?

    1. You don't have to twist my flipper...I'm ready when you are!!! Pretty easy to get there, just a long drive! The photos are in no particular order, they contain fabrics from all 3 shopping trips! OCQ is amazing...I hear they're scheduling Ricky Tims to teach there, they have a beautiful classroom on 2nd floor, there's even an elevator to get all your stuff up there! They fed us a delicious lunch of taco soup, cornbread and chips, there was an all day sew going on and they provide lunch for the sewers, there was plenty to share, so they did! It is a wonderful shop with really friendly patrons and employees...wish it was closer. Definitely worth the trip!


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